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1930-40’s Bidjar, Kork Wool, 48″ x 82″ D0256


D0256: Fine Persian Bidjar

Dim: 48″ x 82″

Age: 1940’s

Region: Northwest Persia

Remarks: This beautiful Bidjar was made in 1940’s is in near perfect condition. The weaver cut it off the loom and left long fringes rather than cut them short. It is a gorgeous, near perfect condition with a botanical explosion of blossoms, tendrils and Persian birds. It is made with moss-like wool and incredibly crisp, clean dyes,   Check out the skillfully drawn floral and arabesque display with beautifully drawn  birds, flowers, tendrils and vases.

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D0256: 1940’s  Bidjar, Kork Wool, high KPSI

DIM: 48″ x 82″

Condition: Excellent, in original condition

Materials: Manchester wool on cotton foundation, High Knots Per Inch: (KPSI): 169

Age: 1930-40’s



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