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Antique Persian Senneh, Farahan Design, 59″x 43.5″


Antique Persian Senneh, Ferahan Design

Item: D0156

Size: 59″x43.5″

Ethnicity: Northwest Persia  Kurdish

Antique Senneh rugs are held in high esteem in Persian rug circles for their adherence to the old rug making standards of quality natural dyes, excellent wool, hand spun, hand dyed wool, and artistic design articulation.  Their weave is easily identified from the back which feels like sand paper to the touch with a salt/pepper look.

Condition: Excellent, original pile overall with original sides and knotted fringes.

Materials: Wool on Cotton foundation. All natural dyes and hand spun wool. Deepest indigo, moderated blue tones, yellows, greens, and madder reds.

The Farahan Herati design is well executed  with a delicately created arrangement of palmettes or bouquets which can only be discerned  from a distance.

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  1. PAntique Senneh with Farahan Herati Design

Origin: Northwest Persia, Kurdistan Region

Age: 1920-30’s

Condition: Excellent,

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