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Antique 1890 Senneh rug, 58″ x 78″, D0372


Antique, 1890 Senneh, D0372
Dim: 58″ x 78″
Age 130 years old
Region: NW Persia, Sanadaq Region
Condition: Excellent
Material:All Natural dyes, hand dyed, hand spun wool.
Professionally washed and floor ready.

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Antique 1890 Senneh rug, D0372
Dim: 58″ x 78″
Age: 1890, 130 years old
Material: Hand dyed, hand spun wool on cotton.
Remarks: From Sanadaq, NW Persia, Sennehs are known for their consistent superior wool, dyes, and weave. When other rug making regions were affected by foreign market demands for different dyes, design, weaving techniques, the Senneh weavers adhered to the old original ways of rug making. This is one of the reasons Sennehs are held in high esteem.

The condition, color, and design of this piece are exceptional.

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