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SOLD! 1941 Persian Kashmar Khurasan rug,152″ x 115″, D0320


D0320:  Fine vintage Persian Kashmar pictorial rug

Region of Origin:  city of Kashmar (formerly Turshiz), province of Khorasan, NE Iran; by highway about 825 km west of Tehran, 235 km SE of Mashad.  The city of Kashmar, although of modest size (today’s population is about 100,000), has been a center of carpet production and export since the 16th century.

Dimensions:  12’8″ x 9’7

Date and condition:  1941 (date woven into the rug).  Condition is very good and consistent with age and use.  Some light wear is evident in a few places.  Note that the pile on Kashmars such as this was very closely sheared immediately after weaving, so as to make the intricate and elaborate design as discernible as possible.  This is a very substantial carpet, yet because of the fine weave and the fineness of the foundation (cotton warp and wefts) it also has a soft and supple handle, or feel.

Fabric and construction:  Wool pile and cotton foundation (warp and weft).  Khorasan rugs of this vintage are noted for the high quality sheep’s wool from the northeastern area of Iran used in a medium fine weave.  Symmetrical knot; double wefted.  KPSI:  144. The cotton foundation is finely spun, resulting in a softer and more flexible structure than in many other Persian rugs of this size and heft.

Design:  The design of this rug is known as “Zirhaki” in Farsi (the language of Persia), meaning “under the earth”, a design originally developed in Tabriz (NW Persia) which then migrated to Kashmar in NE Persia, where it flowered.  Zirhaki refers to archeological elements, such as vases and other artifacts, found in the earth derived from Persia’s ancient past.  This rug displays architectural motifs of excavations with Kufic writing referring to “things made below the surface of the earth”. There are jugs, earthen pottery, vases and Phoenixes (birds) rising from the earth in each spandrel (corner of the rug).  Overall, the rug was very finely designed and executed by the weavers with great precision.

Colors:  Shades of blue and brown (ranging from light to dark) predominate.  While the colors are clear and bold, they are at the same time soothing and melodious.

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Persian Kashmar

Age: Dated, 1941


Dim: 152″ x 115″

Remarks: From the Khorassan  region in northeastern Persia,  these Kashmars were made with a fine weave and great wool. The weaver created a design of archeological dig artifacts of jugs, urns  mythological birds, deer, cloud bands, archeological  structures and Phoenix birds. Note: Not an Indian Kashmir rug, but a Persian Kashmar rug.