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On Hold for Elizabeth: Sarouk #11: Runner, 1920’s, 26 x 50 inches, 196 KPSI


1920’s Sarouk with excellent condition

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90 Year old Sarouk in excellent condition.

Spectacular Sarouk, early 20th century, extremely soft, shiny wool, jewel colors, dark indigo interior background in second major guard border, high knot count of 196 KPSI (knots per square inch), longer  fringes added  and   sides intact with the full shiny pile throughout the entire rug. These rugs were made in the Arak region in Northwest Central Iran.
This is a wonderful collector’s piece that can be used on the floor for many decades to come.

Type: Fine Sarouk , 1920s

Origin: Persia

Size: 26 x 50 inches

Period: 1920s

Material: Wool Pile, Cotton Weft and Warp.

KPSI: 196

Condition: Very Good, Excellent

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