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Vintage Persian Everu, 40″ x 66″ D0109


Vintage Persian Everu from Northwest Persian Hamdan village of Everu. Known for the white meandering border, rich raspberry and turquoise and Berry colors.

40″ x 66″

Age  1970’s

Handknotted with wool on cotton.


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Vintage Persian Everu


DIM: 66″ x 40″

Age: 1970’s

Materials: Wool on cotton foundation

Condition: Excellent,  Complete original sides and Fringe


Woven in the village of Everu, near Hamadan in Northwest Persia, it is easily identified by its meandering white border and is double wefted where each row of knots is secured with 2 rows of wefts woven in and out between each warp. The wool  fine and silky and plush. They are known for their strong, deep  raspberry  reds, heavy  intense, dark blues, turquoise blues, and golden yellow orange.

This piece also has a cross above and below the central medallion which is also outlined in the same brilliant colors…. masterfully executed.