What does hand-knotted mean?

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All of our rugs are unique, one-of-a-kind, hand-knotted or flat weave, works of art with different levels of wear and condition. These rugs have origins that range from Turkey, Iran (Persian), Azerbaijan, the Russian Caucasus, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, and Pakistan. We only sell hand knotted or hand woven rugs. We do not sell machine made rugs.


Hand-knotted means that a weaver made the rug on a loom by hand, by tying the wool or silk onto two warps (the vertical foundation threads on the loom) to make a knot.   Each knot is tied one at a time, and make up the rug’s pile. Each row of knots is secured with a weft thread that is woven between the warp, going horizontally across the rug. Many factors affect a rug’s value: age, origin, type/ design, quality of pile (wool, silk, cotton), machine spun vs .hand spun wool, vegetable vs. analine vs. chemical dyes, the number of knots tied in a square inch (KPSI), quality of wool and structure. All of these nuances determine the value of the rug. For some rugs, origin and age determine it value. Many tribal rugs have low knots counts and these are usually evaluated by the piece.   Knot counts can vary from 25 KPSI to as many as 2500+ KPSI. That’s a lot of knots to tie! A handmade, 9 x 12 rug can take 1 person 12 months to complete or longer if the knot count is higher or if finer wool or silk is used.

Flat weave rugs (Kilim and Soumac weave, have a flat weave and have no pile because they are woven with a recursive technique that reweaves from the left to the right with a continuous thread. These pieces are customarily used on the floors of tents and are heavy wearing.

Each rug we sell is listed with details about its quality (KPSI, warp, weft, age, pile), origin (where it was made) and condition. Each rug has been researched to determine its quality and origin. We have done our best to provide you with the most accurate information, but keep in mind that sometimes even the experts disagree. Please inspect photos closely before ordering to see the condition of each piece. Some of the rugs listed are up to 160 years old, and have considerable wear. Please reach out to us with any questions.