Antique NW Persian, Malayer, 52″x80″, D0167
Antique NW Persian, Malayer, 52″x80″, D0167
Antique Northwest Persian  Malayer,( Malayir) Dim: 52" x 80" Materials: Hand spun wool, hand dyed, hand knotted Condition: Beautiful antique Malayer (Malayir) in great condition with overall good low pile overall .All sides will be secured to make the rug floor ready. These rugs were made in Northwest Iran, adjacent to the Arak, Sarouk area.  These rugs were know for their finer weaves and designs similarities to older Sarouks, but they always use the Turkish knot (symmetric knot) and not the Persian knot, asymmetric knot. This pieces has beautiful blues and coral reds and that islimus flower, vine-like design in the spandrel corners of the rug . The borders have the typical Northwest Persian borders of the Calyk and Leaf design also seen in Caucasus rugs.   Condition: Very good antique condition with overall low pile and No bare/worn to foundation areas. The fringes on one side are loose fringe with a woven kilim on the other side,  
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19th C. Malayer, Northwest Persian
19th Century Malayer, Northwest Persian Rug, 29.5″x49.5″, D0326
Type: Antique Malayer, Northwest Persian Rug Age: 1890 Item: D0326 Dim: 29.5" x 49.5" Ethnic Origin: Kurdish Region: Northwest Persia Condition: Low Pile overall, with clear original design with old, soft Vegetable dyes still shining through. All sides and ends have been appropriately conserved and stabilized using waked linen thread on sides and fringes. There are a few areas on the back that have also been stabilized from storage folds.It has been professionally washed. Remarks: This rug is at least 130 years old.  It was made in Northwest Persia, just below the Caucasus,  in a Kurdish village by a weaver using only naturally derived dyes.  It incorporates a very old design of a Harshang or crab-like motif seen in rare, old Northwest Persian rugs as well as other shamanistic symbols associated with well being and good fortune. This piece is best used as wall art or decor to preserve its life for decades. If you intend to use as floor decor, please pair it with a good pad.        
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