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Mohajeran Sarouk 1920’s -30’s, Low Pile 52.5″ by 82″ C0001


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1920’s – 1930’s Mohajeran Sarouk

52″ by 82″

Made in Northwest Central Iran, in the Arak Region

Beautiful rosey red background with graceful sprays of jeweled colored  floral displays

Condition is very good with worn areas in the pile that do not distract from the elegant appeal of this piece

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This is 1920’s – 30’s Painted Mohajeran Sarouk with a beautiful, elegant restrained floral design, balanced in each corner, with glowing jewel colors throughout.  This piece has overall wear which does not detract from its appeal and overall appearance.

These rugs were made in Northwest Central Iran, in the Arak region where all Sarouks and Mohajerans were woven.  Mohajerans were more finely woven than the Sarouks of the 1920’s -1930’s.   These rugs were in great demand by the German and American markets in early 1900’s.  For the American market, the rug’s colors were enhanced after weaving by over dyeing with a darker red over the rosey red and a darker blue also over the blues.  For this reason they were called Painted. These rugs graced the homes of the wealthy and were in high demand in affluent homes. Production of Mohajerans stopped sometime in the 1930’s.

It measures @4.5  by 7 feet. and is and good overall condition for its age with some wear overall.

It ships free to US locations (lower 48). Arrangements can be made for international and intercontinental shipping.


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