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1930’s Josan Malayer, Kork Wool, 48″ x 82″ D0256


D0256X: Fine Persian Josan Malayer

Dim: 48″ x 82″

Age: 1930’s

Region: Northwest Persia, Arak region

Remarks: This beautiful Josan Malayer rug was woven in the 1930’s in the Arak region in NW Persia.   It is in near perfect condition. When the weaver cut it off the loom, she left long fringes rather than cut them short. The rug is in gorgeous, near perfect condition displaying a virtual explosion of blossoms, tendrils and Persian birds. It is made with moss-like wool and incredibly crisp, clean dyes,   Check out the skillfully drawn floral and arabesque display with beautifully drawn  birds, flowers, tendrils and vases.

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⁹D0256 semi-antique Josan Malayer, with kork wool, 169 KPSI

DIM: 48″ x 82″

Condition: Excellent, in original condition

Materials: Manchester kork wool on a cotton foundation, High “knots per square inch” (KPSI): 169

Age: 1930’s



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