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19th Century Tekke Turkmen Ensi, 45″ by 56″ D0125


D0125:  Antique, 19th Century Tekke Ensi , (Tent Door Covering)

Dim: 46″ by 56″

Made in Northeastern Iran, Turkmenistan.Tribal Piece used by the Tekke Turkoman Tribe

Wool on Wool

Condition is very good for an antique piece. No rips or tears in the main body.There is a very old rewoven repair in the flat weave selvage/ side binding. @2.5 x  1/2 inches done 50+ years ago which is lighter than the wool around it.

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D0125:  19th Century Tekke  Turkmen Ensi (Tent Door Covering)

Dim: 45″ x 56″

Ethnic: Tekke Sub-Tribe of Turkoman Tribe

Remarks: This is a 19th century nomadic tribal piece finely woven by a true nomadic Tekke  a woman as a door covering for her tent or  Yurt where the family lived. The Tekkes are one of the 4 Turkoman or Turkmen tribes who currently live in Northeastern Iran, Turkmenistan, and Afghanistan.  The weavers speak one of the dialects of the Turkmen Turkik language.  People are usually characterized by their “milk” language and the weavers of these rugs are women whose primary language is the Teke/Tekke, a  dialect of Turkmen.Therefore pieces woven by these weavers are called Teke/Tekke or Turkmen pieces.  This rug originates from Central Asia, West Turkestan, and woven at end of 19th century.

Tekke Ensi’s are woven with a fairly standard design with either an arched top or a Hatschlou Cross with the four sector design. This Ensi has an arch design with  2-arm candlelabra ( Insi-Kush) figures,and  inner and middle border of ashik designs. These are pieces are all wool and wool.  The wool is sheered from the sheep they tend and the available natural dyes are used from the vegetable and insect dyes in their region. All wool is hand spun, is very fine, and hand dyed. As a result, these rugs have a very fine weave and fewer colors in their palette.

This is a highly decorative/ collectible piece to be used on the floor or as a wall hanging.


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Dimensions 45.5 × 56 in
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