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Antique Afshar Wedding Dowry Rug,45″x 55″, D0917


Wedding Dowry Afshar, D0917


“wool on wool” (woolen weft and warp in addition to wool pile).

Region : Kerman region in Iran

Condition: Very good with complete ends and sides.

Age: 1920 or earlier

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D0916: Antique Afshar Wedding Dowry Rug

Size: 45″x55″

Afshar rugs are woven in the Kerman area of Iran by women of the Afshar tribe. This particular piece was probably woven as a wedding or dowry piece.  That is because the quite bright white main field is very unusual marking it as a bridal piece; whereas most ‘ordinary’ Afhar rugs display a rather dark main field busily populated which various kinds of images, often botehs.