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On Hold for Anne || Antique 19th C. Baluch, Timuri Ensi Door covering, Yakub Khani,


Antique Baluch Timuri Yakub Khani Ensi

Rare piece in excellent condition, with 4 panels represent the 4 gardens of Paradise with the bottom of the rug showing the entry into Paradise with the celestial area above the top 2 panels. These were hung on the doorway to their Yurt.

Yakub Ghani is a Baluch tribe of  the Timuri people.

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Antique Baluch  Yakub Khani, Timuri Ensi. Door Covering

Rare. In excellent condition. These were made as door covering or Ensi. The 4 panels represent the 4 gardens of paradise with the upper top representing the celestial firmament and the lower entrance.