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Antique Sarouk Mahal, 55″x82″, D0390


Antique Sarouk Mahal, 55″x82″


Beautiful Sarouk Mahal in superb condition with a typical floral display, very fine weave and clean, crisp natural colors of blues, ochre, greens, tan, walnut, and superior wool associated with these 1920-30  Sarouk. This Sarouk has not been painted with the darker red colors seen in the Sarouk of this era.


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Antique Sarouk Mahal,

Dim: 55″x82″

From Northwest Persia in the Arak region this beautiful Sarouk has wonderful colors from natural dyes of ochre, green, cardinal reds, blues, and a wonderful border of flowers and the turtle or samovar border.