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1930’s Antique Senneh Kilim, 39″ x 58″, D0373


Antique Very Fine Senneh Kilim, D0373, 39″ x 58″, D0373
Region NW Perian, Sanadaq Region, Kurdestan
Condition: Excellent and professionally washed
Materials: All hand-woven, hand-spun, hand-dyed “wool-on-wool” with all natural dyes
Remarks: Small antique Persian Senneh kilim rug with a finely woven fish design (Herati design).
Country of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: 1920-1930.  An exceptionally vibrant herati fish design flows over the the area of this small, antique Persian rug, with saturated colors of crimson red, various shades of blue, and orange, accented with swirling color curls of yellow and pristine whites. The detail is minutely executed with leaf and flowering vine-like fronds and tiny flowers on a deepest indigo, almost black field, Truly a work of art, woven by skilled hands using the best wool and dyes.  Note the careful use of a yellow and black stem-like zig zag extending from the center medallion piercing the larger medallion onto the border. These adornments continue and flow throughout the entire piece.

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1930’s Antique Senneh Kilim, 39″ x 58″, D0373 in excellent condition
DIM: 39″ X 58″
Region: Northwest Persia, Sanadaq region

Materials: wool-on-wool (wool pile and wool foundation), Hand-Spun, Hand-Dyed, Hand-Woven with saturated all natural dyes.

Remarks: Antique, Pre-World War II Senneh pieces are known for their superior wool, dyes, and weaving in all their products, both pile rugs and flat weaves. Even in later made pieces, the excellence in Senneh/ Sanadaq region rugs is highly valued.

Condition: Excellent; professionally washed. Use on the floor or treat as an objet d’art on the wall or a piece of furniture.