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Antique Toisarkan, Toysarkan, 57.5″ x 80″, D0232


Antique Persian Toisarkan, D0232
Dim: 57.5″ x 80″
Remarks: Exceptional Toisarkan with the innovative, imaginative Village weavers design made with hand spun and hand dyed wool with all natural colors.

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Antique Toisarkan, D0232
Dim: 57.5″ x 80″
Age: 1910
Materials: Wool on Cotton Foundation with all hand spun wool, hand dyed with all natural dyes.
Region and Ethnicity: The people may have originated from a sub-group of the Lesghian called the Tsakhur of the Derbent/Dagestan region. They appeared in the Hamadan region in the 19th century, so this is considered a Hamadan region rug.
Remarks: These colors are spectacular and the design is imaginative and keeping with the design and symbols passed on from mother to daughter over hundreds of years.This is a rare example showing the best of the weaving technique, design, wool and natural colors. The greens, cranberry, walnut brown, indigo field, yellows, blues, orange, egg plant, ochre… so may dye lots used create this exceptional piece.

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