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Baluch Afghan Taimani Tribe, 40″x50″, D0920


Baluch Afghanistan Tamaini Tribe


Wool on wool

Excellent  Condition

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D0930: Baluch Afghan Taimani Tribe, from eastern Persia/western Afghanistan.

Size: 40″x58″.  The rug may be described as “wool on wool”; that is, it has a hand-spun wool foundation (weft and warp) in addition to a hand-spun wool pile.  It is in excellent condition and has been thoroughly washed.  The rug was woven in an area called Baluchistan, which in fact is not an autonomous political entity, but rather a geographical location straddling the borders of eastern Iran and Afghanistan largely populated by nomadic tribal groups, which come and go as they please.  They are sometimes collectively called the Balouch.  Balouch rugs are characterized by bold geometrical patterns, bright colors (often reds), and the older ones, such as this rug, by the liberal use of ivory.