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Bakhtiari Sumac Storage Bag, Large Vintage, 43″ x 100″

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Bakhtiari Tribal Storage Bag

Item: D0210

Great heavy duty storage bag used in their nomadic homes and for transferring household goods during their migration routes between winter and summer lodgings

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Bakhtiari Nomadic Storage Bag, Vintage

DIM: Very large: 4 panels of measuring up  to 100″

Material: Wool on Wool

Remarks: Very large Very durable, 1950’s Northwest Persian Storage Bag used by a semi-nomadic tribe on their winter and spring  season journeys to different camping areas.

Made with different weaves of knotted pile, flat weave textile, and Sumac weave: 2 panels of 28″ of pile and a combination of mixed weave of Sumac and Flat weave..