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Fine Persian Senneh, 62.5″ x 45″, D0314


Fine Senneh Senna with Bridal Bouquet Design… Dasta Gol Aroos

Dim: 62.5″ x 45 ”

Item: D0315

Condition: Excellent with people and bird figures incorporated in the detailed design which represents a Bridal Bouquet Design, complete with the groom.

Remarks: Sennehs hold a special esteem in the Persian rug market.  They are known for their strict adherence to the original the original weaving technique, natural dye method, wool and weave. They are made in Kordestan in Sanandaj and are easily recognized by their method of weaving/ tying knots which produces a texture and weave on the back that is scratchy to the feel and sandpaper like. Sennehs are special and brings  knowledgeable smile to rug dealers, collectors, and enthusiasts.


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Fine Vintage  Persian Senneh, Sanandaj

ITEM: D0314

Dim: 62.5 x 43 inches

Age: 1950’s

Condition: Excellent condition  with fully intact sides and fringe ends.

Remarks: Special Bridal Bouquet design, ‘Dasta Gol Aroos’. Made in the Kurdistan region, in the capital city of  Sanadaq, also known as Senna or Sanadaq.