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1920’s Sarouk, 225 KPSI 38.25″ x 59″ D0101


Decorum Rugs Collection:

Item No.: D0101

Type: Fine 1920’s Sarouk ,early  American Painted Sarouk

Origin: Persia, Arak Region of Iran

Size: 38.25 x 59 inches

Period: early 1920s

Material: Hand-knotted, Hand-spun  Wool Pile on Cotton foundation

KPSI: 225

Condition: Very Good, Excellent, Original pile, sides, and fringes

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Decorum Rugs Collection:

Spectacular Antique Sarouk, 1920’s, thick, extremely soft, shiny wool, jewel colors, dark indigo interior background.with no worn areas!!!   Persian weavers hand-knotted these rugs with great skill and superior wool.  This one has a high knot count of 225 knots per square inch.  The floral, ‘Roaring 20’s’  designs was  favorited by the Americans and were woven into these rugs.

This is a classic, spectacular American ‘painted’ Sarouk runner  made in the Arak region in Northwest Central Iran. These rugs were very popular and in high demand in the 1920’s -1930’s by the American and European markets. Americans preferred the darker reds  and rugs exported to the USA  were darkened or painted with a deeper red dye.   Sarouks are known for their extremely resilient, shiny, springy wool, fine weave, and jewel colors,

Please note: a cloth Made in Iran tag is sewn on back of rug…  This is rare as most later tags were stapled on.


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