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1910 Lilihan, 42″x57″, D0355

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Antique Lilihan. D0355

DIM: 42″X57″

Age: 1910

Material: Hand dyed, hand spun wool on a cotton warp base.

Condition: Very Good, secured sides and ends, pliable, good pile overall, professionally hand washed.

Remarks: Made in the village of Lillihan which is known for its wool and artistic weave with a design similar to the Sarouks, but with a single weft weave. Note the open design of the floral sprays typical of the first decade of the 20th century.

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Antique Lilihan, 1910, D0355

Rare, open design with elongated graceful sprays.

Great aged cranberry, sapphire blues and clean natural dyes.


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