Old Ahar Heriz, 46″x48″
Old Ahar Heriz, 46″x48″
1930-40's  Ahar Heriz
46"x48"‎ Wool on cotton foundation Very good condition with no condition issues  
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On Hold for Anne Old Tuyrserkan Rug ‘Denim Blue’, Orange, Apricot, 50″x72″, D0411
On Hold for Anne Old Tuyrserkan Rug ‘Denim Blue’, Orange, Apricot, 50″x72″, D0411
Fine old Tuyserkan (Tourserkan) from one of  the Northwest Persian Hamadan mountain villages with the well known anchored Central medallion woven with gorgeous natural denim blue, apricot, and deepest indigo to offset the design. The major inner border repeats the color scheme of apricot mahi (or fish) with indigo blue fins swimming around the border of the rug. The weaver used the mountain grazed sheep wool, heavy in mineral contents from the mountain water. This results in wool of a higher grade and a longer staple. Size: 55"x72" Material: Wool on Cotton base Knot: Symmetric Knot Origin: Northwest Persia 1940 or earlier Condition: Very good, Totally intact, No missing borders
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Vintage Engelis, 56″x92″,D0408
Vintage Engelis, 56″x92″,D0408

Vintage Persian Engelis (Ingelis) 55″x92″, Beautiful condition with full pile and crisp clean colors. Wool on cotton foundation. This rug was woven using the  same traditional design, weave, dyes used by the village weavers 150 years ago.

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Vintage Luri Kurdish Animal Rug, 63″ x 44″, D0354X
Vintage Luri Kurdish Animal Rug, 63″ x 44″, D0354X
Vintage  Kurdish Luri  Animal Rug with very Juicy colors with Lions, Birds, Chickens, Roosters, Swans, and more... Dim: 43"x63" Materials: Wool on Wool Condition: Very Good Age: 1970's
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Sale! 1910 Lilihan, 42″x57″,  D0355
1910 Lilihan, 42″x57″, D0355
Antique Lilihan. D0355 DIM: 42"X57" Age: 1910 Material: Hand dyed, hand spun wool on a cotton warp base. Condition: Very Good, secured sides and ends, pliable, good pile overall, professionally hand washed. Remarks: Made in the village of Lillihan which is known for its wool and artistic weave with a design similar to the Sarouks, but with a single weft weave. Note the open design of the floral sprays typical of the first decade of the 20th century.
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Mehriban insitu
1930’s Mehriban (Mehraban), Malayer rug, 82″ x 46″, D0329
1930"s Mehriban (Mehraban)/ Northwest Persian rug,( D0329) Dim.: 46" x 82" Origin: Northwest Persia between Sarouk and Hamadan Region Materials: Hand-knotted wool on cotton foundation Condition: Very good overall with original sides and ends and good pile overall with no bare areas. No stains, runs, tears, breaks,or  hard areas . All ends are stabilized and floor ready. Shipping: Shipping is free to the lower 48 states. Please see Shipping and Return Policy.  
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Fine Malayer Hosseinabad
Semi-Antique Malayer / Hosseinabad Region, Old Weave, 64″ x 43″, D0308
Semi-Antique Malayer / Hosseinabad from Hamadan Region Item: D0308 Condition: Excellent and professionally cleaned Dimension: 64" x 43" Remarks: Very Fine (169 KPSI) ,circa 1930's Village rug from the Malayer/ Hosseinabad, Hamadan Region.    
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Sale! Vintage  Zanjan Northwest Persian, 68″ x 86″ D0263
Vintage Zanjan Northwest Persian, 68″ x 86″ D0263
D0263: Vintage Zanjan Northwest Persian, Azeri, Qajar tribe Influence Dim: 68"x 86" Summary: Zanjan is a very old city. Archeological eviidence shows active salt mining in the area. Salt was an important trade commodity and was traded on the so-called "Silk Route" of which Zanjan was an important stop. Remarks: In the Persian era, prior to the Russian invasion and conquest of the Caucasus, the Qajar tribe were both rulers and the dominant Persian tribe of the Caucasus. Following the Russian victory in the Caucasus in 1806 to 1828, the Shia Azeris of the Qajar tribe had to withdraw and  whole villages were transplanted into the Tabriz area, Zanjan, Qazvin, and Hamadan region. They brought their rug design and weaving techniques with them and for that reason, you see many Caucasus type elements in these rugs as well as elements of their new homeland.  As a result, many of the newer ones share similarity to the older ones, but also reflect the designs of the regions they relocated to.  Today,  Zanjan Province is populated primarily by Azeri Persians who are the descendents of the primarily Shia Azeris who withdrew from the Caucasus following the Russian conquest.
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Semi-Antique Persian Bakhtiari Panel (Kishti) rug, 60″ by 126″ D0198
Semi-Antique Persian Bakhtiari Panel (Kishti) rug, 60″ by 126″ D0198

D0198:  Semi-Antique Persian Bakhtiari  Kishti (Panel Design) Chahal Shotar 

Region/ Origin:  Southwest of Isfahan on the slopes of the Zagros mountains Size: 60" x 126" Condition: Very Good - Excellent with good pile overall with intact ends and sides. Material: Wool Pile on a cotton foundation.  Vegetable and Natural Dyes. Remarks: This is a Semi-Antique Persian Bakhtiari rug made in the province of Chahar Mahal which is southwest of Isfahan on the slopes of the Zagros mountain. Shipping: Free to US 48 and we ship to all other locations for an additional fee. Questions: Please contact us.
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1930  Lori Runner, Blue, Coral, and Salmon Colors 33.5″ by 120″ D0107
1930 Lori Runner, Blue, Coral, and Salmon Colors 33.5″ by 120″ D0107

Decorum Rugs Collection

Item No.:  D0107        What is it:   Lori runner made by the Luri tribe Age: 1930 Design:   medallion and large elongated floral images with an undulating samovar or turtle border Material: Wool Pile, Wool Weft and Warp. Condition: Very Good Overall, with a blanket like handle. These rugs were made by the Luri tribe in Luristan, Free Shipping to continental USA.  Shipping to other locations including international destinations. Returns accepted 3 days within delivery with buyer paying shipping. Please contact us any questions.  
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Crimson and Blue Semi-Antique Bidjar
Semi-Antique Persian Bidjar (Bijar), 169 KPSI, Iron Rugs of Persia 45″ x 61″ D0157

Decorum Rugs Collection:

Item No: D0137 Type: 43" by 60"  Semi-Antique Persian Bidjar (Bijar), the Iron Rugs of Persia Design: Center Medallion with Elongated Floral and Rose Design with Sinuous corners that repeat 1/4 of the medallion design Age: 1940's Size: 43" x 60". Colors: Blue, Red, Ivory, Coral Reds,  Grays, Greens, 14 different colors Materials:: All Vegetable dyes, Wool Pile. Cotton Foundation Condition: Very Good to Excellent, no worn areas, sides and borders are in tact.: Remarks:  Bijar rugs are made by Kurdish people who live in Northwestern Iran,  Bijar County, Kurdistan Province  who are predominantly Kurdish speaking Shia Kurds . With an elevation of @ 5000 feet , the city of Bijar has been called the Roof of Iran. The rug has been professionally cleaned and ready for another 80 years in your home or to passed on to family members. Shipping and Returns: We ship within 1-3 days of purchase with a 3-day return policy after receipt. Buyer pays return shipping cost. Shipping is free to US 48 and $50 to Canada and Hawaii and Alaska. We also ship internationally.. Please feel free to contact us for any questions or additional  pictures.
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