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Semi-Antique Persian Bidjar (Bijar), 169 KPSI, Iron Rugs of Persia 45″ x 61″ D0157


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Item No: D0137

Type: 43″ by 60″  Semi-Antique Persian Bidjar (Bijar), the Iron Rugs of Persia

Design: Center Medallion with Elongated Floral and Rose Design with Sinuous corners that repeat 1/4 of the medallion design

Age: 1940’s

Size: 43″ x 60″.

Colors: Blue, Red, Ivory, Coral Reds,  Grays, Greens, 14 different colors

Materials:: All Vegetable dyes, Wool Pile. Cotton Foundation

Condition: Very Good to Excellent, no worn areas, sides and borders are in tact.:

Remarks:  Bijar rugs are made by Kurdish people who live in Northwestern Iran,  Bijar County, Kurdistan Province  who are predominantly Kurdish speaking Shia Kurds . With an elevation of @ 5000 feet , the city of Bijar has been called the Roof of Iran.

The rug has been professionally cleaned and ready for another 80 years in your home or to passed on to family members.

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Decorum Rugs Collection:

40″ by 60″ Semi-Antique Persia Bidjar is also called Bijar is made by the Kurdish Shia tribe who use extremely good wool from sheep who benefit from the high copper content in the mountain waters.  The rugs are the sturdiest and most tightly woven rugs in Iran.

These rugs are known as the iron rugs of Persia because of the extremely compact weave of the knots such that they are so dense that the rugs can usually only be rolled and not folded.

This rugs is approximately 75 -80 years old, but barely shows any wear.

The knots are tied on 2 levels, where the second foundation warp is pulled underneath the first warp such that when you look at the back of the rug it has a corduroy  appearance.  The rugs are colorful with animals, people  and all possible vegetable colors to produce some of the most delightful rugs in Persia.  This is true of the Shia’s where the Shiites usually show no animals or people or green in their carpets.

This is your chance to own one of these historical pieces.

This is a wonderful one of a kind piece that can be used on the floor for many decades to come.



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