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19th Century Tekke Turkmen Tribal Ensi, Tribal Textile 45.5″ by 56″ D0126


Antique Tribal Textile used as a door covering..Tekke Ensi

Used by the Tekke tribe to cover the entrance into their tents and acted as a decorative portal into their living quarters,


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Here is a wonderful, antique tribal textile, blanket like 19th century Tekke, Turkmen Tribal Ensi or door covering for a Turkmen’s Tent.

The rug is so pliable and the wool so soft, you can almost wear it as a coat…

The Tekke tribe is one of the 4 Turkmen (Turkoman) tribes who live in western Turkmenistan, Northeast Iran and Northwestern Afghanistan.

The Tekke women spin and dye their yarns and weave incredibly fine pieces using the Persian, asymmetric knot.

The weaver used some fuchsine dyes for the purplish effect which is only seen in rugs made at end of 19th century until about 1910.

The rug has a muted effect to the purplish colors due to the fuchsine tendency to fade.  This is what gives those muted bands across the rug. These were not used on the floor, but hung in the doorways.

Tekke textiles are known for their fine weave, brick red, crips blues, reddish brown colors, and elemental, symbolic designs.

Size: 45″ by 56″

Made in Northeastern Iran, Northwestern Afghanistan, Turkmenistan

Type: Tribal Turkoman, Turkmen  piece

Nomadic Textile, muted colors

Wool on Wool

Age: 100+years old

Hand spun wool

Hand dyed wool

Condition: Very Good Antique Condition, has luxurious feel

Use on floor, drape on Sofa, Great Conversational piece


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Dimensions 46 × 56 in
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