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1920’s-1930’s Sarouk Runner No. 10 31″ x 58.5″ D0162


Decorum Rugs Collection

Sarouk No. 10

Item No: D0162

What is it:  Small Persian Sarouk Runner, ‘Painted for American Market’

Age: 1920’s

Design:  American Painted Sarouk.  Overall floral sprays,organized in concentric groups

Origin:  Persia Iran

Size: 31″ x by 58.5″

Period: 1920 – 1930

Material: Wool Pile, Cotton Weft and Warp.

KPSI: Knots Per Square Inch =144

Condition: Very Good, Overall,plush pile, no worn areas. End fringes have been stabilized Professionally Cleaned


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Decorum Rugs Collection

Item: D0162     Sarouk No.10

Description:  31″ by 58.5″ 1920’s-1930’s American Sarouk Runner No. 10, 144 KPSI, Very Good Condition

This is an American ‘painted’ Sarouk runner  made in the Arak region in Northwest Central Iran. These rugs were very popular and in high demand  by the American and European markets in the 1920’s -1930’s.These rugs were discontinued after World War II sometime in the early 1950’s.   Americans preferred the darker reds  and rugs exported to the USA  were darkened or painted with a deeper red dye.   Sarouks are known for their extremely resilient, shiny, springy wool, fine weave, and jewel colors,  This rug has classical painted dark cherry maroon red field with with well balanced floral sprays and jewel like flowers bouquets.   It is finely knotted with a high knot count of 144 KPSI (knots per square inch).  It still has the original selvage sides lightly secured to keep it intact and good , full shiny pile throughout the entire rug. There is minor loss to the fringe ends which has been secured.

This is a wonderful one of a kind piece that can be used on the floor for many decades to come.

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