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Sold Antique Senneh, 24″ x 38.5″, 1910, D0133


1910 Senneh,

Dim: 24″ x 38″

Materials: Wool on cotton foundation. Hand-spun, Hand-dyed, all natural and vegetable dyes

Condition: Excellent with great pile, complete sides and original fringes and sides. No issues.

Sennehs are known for their excellent weave, wool and weaving skills and the the Senneh weave which is unmistakable. The yarn is highly twisted and the weave is almost sand paper like with a speckled bumpy feel.

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Because of its age and condition,and rarity, this is a collector’s piece.  Sennehs of this quality are usually found in collectors’ homes..  This special little mat was made by non-nomadic,settled Kurdish tribes in Senneh or  Sanandaj  which is the capital of Persian Kurdistan – circa 1880-1900. This fine Senneh piece has a very fine knotted weave with all natural, glistening, colors made from vegetable dyes. There is no fading or missing borders or sides. In fact, it has its original kilim and fringe on either end.  It has a medallion anchor design with playful children on either side.  There are also encircled cruciforms on either side  of the medallion.  The field is indigo blue with the herati or water garden, swimming fish design and minor border filled with repeated crosses and botefs. and flowers completing its inner border design.  The boteh or flame symbol, originally believed to have originated in Kerman amongst the Zoroastrians.This rug is over 120 years  old, but feels and looks new.

Size is 36″ by 24 inches and has been cleaned.

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