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On hold for P. M. || Persian Jozan Sarouk rug “Starry Night”, 1950’s, 47″ x 80″ D0179


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Item: D0179 

Description:  This is a Persian Jozan  Sarouk made in the Sarouk/ Malayer region in Northwest Iran which is located between the rug making areas of Malayer and Jozan.  It has the same appeal as the “Starry Night” canvas of Vincent Van Gogh. Remember DonMcLean’s “Vincent…”Starry,Starry Night”.  It is in excellent condition with full sheered pile and no worn areas or tears or missing sides or ends.  It has been professionally cleaned.

Size: 47 by 80 inches

 Material: Wool Pile, Cotton Weft and Warp.

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Jozan Malayer
Vintage Jozan Sarouk

Decorum Rugs Collection   

Persian Jozan Sarouk rug Starry Night” 1950’s, 47″ x 80″ 

 Item: D0179: This rug has a sparkle to it with a central medallion, indigo field, and a medallion design similar to many 19th Century Malayers, Farahans, Sarouks and Jozans.  It was made in a Northwest Iran Kurdish village called Jozan which is between the Malayer and the Arak region (where the Sarouks are made).The design of the border and the woven structure identify this piece  as a Jozan. The typical Jozan meandering border of serrated vines and flowers grace the border. The woven structure of the rug and the design differentiate it from a Sarouk or a Hamdan. There is also’ abrash’ color bands across the rug indicate that hand-spun and hand-dyed wool were used to weave this piece.

Condition:  Excellent with a velvety pile  and no worn areas,missing border or sides. This is  very special vintage piece which reminds me of Don McLean’s Starry Starry Night song or Van Gogh “Starry Night” canvas.


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