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Signed Mashad Persian rug, 117″x147″, D0950


Signed Persian Mashed, 117″x147″, D0950

The  Meshed carpet in made in the Northeast area of Iran in the city of Mashad which is considered one of the holiest cities in Iran. This region of Iran is also known for the insect reds  used as dyes in their yarns as well as the prominent medallion design in their rugs.

Material: Wool on Cotton foundation

Age: 1980’s

Condition: Good overall with some wear. All ends and sides are complete. There are no holes or discoloration and the carpet is  floor ready.

These pieces are known for their prominent central medallion and radiating cloud band and arabesque encircling motifs of stylized dragons and tendrils. Crimson rich reds blues and ivory are used extensively throughout the design. A Persian knot is used to create the floral and arabesque

Size: 117″ x 1`47″

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    1950’s  Persian  Mashad  117″x147″ with signature of Master weavers’ shop in Northeast Persia.



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