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Antique Veramin, NW Persian rug, 36″x57.5″, D0174


Antique Persian Veramin village rug,

36.5″ x 57.5″

Woven in a village near Teheran, this antique rug displays an overall Mina-Khani floral design.  More than 120 years old, this approximately 3’x5′ piece is in very good condition and still shines as brightly as the day it was cut from the loom.

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Antique Veramin, Northwest Persian, 36.5″x57.5″, D0174

Lovely, 19th century Veramin rug from NW Persia, near Teheran, in very good antique condition.  These rugs are noted for their Mina-Khani floral design and are rare and highly prized.

Wool on a cotton foundation.



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