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Vintage Bibikabad Hamadan Persian area rug, 105.5″ by 144″ D0180


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Item No.:  D0180 : Vintage Bibikabad or Bubukabad) which means ‘Village of the Grandmother’, Hamadan Persian  area rug. 

Age: 1960’s

Size: 105 by 144 inches

Design:   Medallion with typical, crowded herati (fish) design, geometric, yet floral design

Material: Wool Pile, Wool Weft and Warp.

Condition: Very Good Overall, with a blanket like handle.

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Decorum Rugs Collection

Type: Vintage Bibikabad Hamadan Persian area rug
Item No: D0180: 
 Region: Northwest Persia, Hamadan Region

Materials: Wool Pile on cotton foundation

Size: 105.5” by ”144

Age: 1960’s

Condition: Good, Full pile throughout… a very substantial Persian hand knotted rug,

Description: Vintage Bibikabad Hamadan Persian area rug 

This rug was woven in the village of Bibikabad (Bubukabad) which means ‘Village of the Grandmother’,  It  is Northeast of the city of Hamadan, near Kabutarhang, and just south of the major road to Qazvin. Most Hamadan villages weave smaller, scatter or accents rugs, but Bibikabad is known for their larger sizes or  kellegis (gallery rugs) and oblong carpets. This has been going on at least since the 1880s. These rugs are known for heir blues, reds ,ivory, accents in green  and field crowded with herati (fish design), botefs, , or tendrils.  They are thick with a longer pile.

This is a wonderful one of a kind piece that can be used on the floor for many decades to come.

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